COVID Treatment

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I have COVID!

Are there any oral medications that may be helpful for me?

COVID-19 Testing and Treatment 

We continue to be a clinic that provides testing for Covid. If you test positive we are able to discuss treatment options.  There is a lot of information out there, and it can be very difficult to determine what is best for you should you test positive.

There is now an oral medication available that has been shown to significantly reduce hospitalizations and/or death in at-risk patients.  The medication is called Paxlovid, and while it may not benefit everyone, we are happy to discuss the potential risks and benefits given your specific medical needs.  We welcome you into our clinic and look forward to providing you with excellent care.

At this time, Paxlovid is at no cost at all pharmacies. 



Paxlovid is an oral antiviral medication used to treat mild to moderate Covid-19 in patients aged 12 and over (and weighing more than 88 lbs) that have risk factors for progressing to more severe disease.

Some of these risk factors include being overweight (BMI>25), smoking, hypertension, diabetes, chronic lung disease (including asthma), age >65, cancer, being immunocompromised, and some mental health conditions including depression/anxiety.

Paxlovid must be started within 5 days of symptoms beginning.

It is important we obtain a full medical history and examination prior to prescribing Paxlovid.

The primary goal of this medication is to prevent hospitalization.

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