COVID Results Portal

Thank you for coming to us for your COVID-19 testing needs! You may sign in through the website below to obtain your COVID test results. Test results can take approximately 3-5 days to come back from the lab.

Check on your results! Follow these steps: 

  1. 1. Go to >> 

  2. 2. Click patient test results.

  3. 3. Click the link to register.

  4. 4. Register your information to create an account.


Please feel free to Call or Message us directly on Facebook if you have not received your results within 3-5 days or are having trouble accessing the portal!

Stay home and isolate until at least 10 days since your symptoms began, at least 24 hours since you have had a fever without the use of fever-reducing medications and, symptoms have overall improved.

Seek emergency medical care immediately for the following:

 –  Trouble Breathing
 –   Persistent pain or pressure in the chest
 –   Bluish lips or face
 –   High fever you can’t break

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