We are excited to announce that you can now visit with one of our providers from the comfort of your home.

Telemedicine is a service that allows a patient to have a virtual visit with a provider without having to go into one of our urgent care clinics. With Telemedicine, patients can now seek care from the comfort of their home, without being exposed to additional illnesses or spreading illnesses!

Our telemedicine program offers the same services as a normal urgent care visit. We can help with illnesses, injuries, prescription refills, and more! You will be speaking with one of our providers directly online! If our provider thinks an in-office visit is necessary, we will then refer you to your closest Lowcountry Urgent Care clinics!


How to book a telemedicine visit? 

  1. VISIT https://lowcountryurgentcare.com/locations/
  2. RESERVE YOUR SPOT at the location you would like to visit.
  3. SELECT Telemedicine for your reason for the visit and follow online steps.
  4. AFTER you Reserve Your Spot, our staff will call the phone number you provided to complete your registration and provide you with the next steps.



For any questions on our Telemedicine services, feel free to call your Lowcountry Urgent Care clinic!